First Timers

Getting started is extremely easy! If you’re a first timer, all you’ll need to do is to sign up for an account via our website or mobile application and purchase a trial package or drop-in, proceed to our schedule and make your first booking!

We have our signature RIDE classes that are specially tailored for beginner to intermediate riders. We also run exclusive themed classes on a monthly basis that has is centric around one to two specific artistes which are a ton of fun!

Every class is beginner friendly and we encourage riders to take a ride with all our highly trained instructors. If you want to focus on form and technique, you may also look out for our FUNDAMENTAL classes in our schedules!

With the proper form and technique, spin can be made safe for everyone. Every instructor on our roster is first aid certified and will pay extra attention to ALL riders, encouraging them to take breaks during class if necessary and will provide water breaks in between sets during the class.

All riders are encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes before the class starts so that we have ample time to orientate you to the ground, start our safety and equipment set up briefing!

Classes will be fun-filled but intense. You can expect a 45 minute that comprises of a combination of strength training, sprint training and hand weight exercises that is sure to make you feel stronger than you were yesterday.

The environment is specially designed to channel all your energy in class. You will be in a dark room with neon lights flashing overhead and heart pumping music that is bound to get your adrenaline going. Our highly trained instructors will also be there to lead, motivate and ensure your safety from the podium. There are no judgements inside the studio, we just want to help you in your transformation to becoming the best version of yourself!


Our Orchard Studio is located at Cineleisure and is a few minutes walk from Somerset MRT.

Our Tanjong Pagar studio is a few minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar and Telok Ayer MRT stations.

Our Bugis studio is a few minutes walk from Bugis MRT.

Revolution @ Suntec is a 10-15 minute walk away from Promenade and Esplanade MRT stations. 

At our Orchard studio at Cineleisure there is parking in the shopping mall.

At our Tanjong Pagar studio there is street parking on Amoy St, Telok Ayer St and Stanley St. There is parking in the building at Frasers Tower. The carpark entrance is off Amoy St.

At our Bugis studio there is street parking on Liang Seah St and Tan Quee Lan St. There is also parking at Bugis Junction shopping mall.


At Revolution @ Suntec, parking is available within the mall. 

Towels and lockers are provided. We have 11 showers in our changerooms. Full amenities, including bath foam, shampoo, conditioner and hair dryers are provided at all our studios.

All you need to bring is a bottle! In addition to having a water fountain in our studios, we also sell bottled water over the counter!


We have a community of riders on telegram who will be more than willing to share your package with you! You may find them on our telegram chat with the given link https://t.me/revpacksharing

Make sure that the friends you want to share a package with has a registered account with Revolution and is not sharing with any other package holders. Once that has been done, please drop an email to contact@revolution.com.sg with the email details you want to share a package with and we’ll fulfil your request within 1-3 working days!

The date reflected is the deadline for you to physically attend your first class. 

Your package will be activated once you’ve booked a first class, regardless of whether you attend, cancel or no-show the class. 

This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please send an email to contact@revolution.com.sg and reference your case with the relevant documents.

All complimentary classes have to be activated within 30 days and are valid for:

1 Complimentary Class: 7 days
2 Complimentary Classes: 7 days
4 Complimentary Classes: 20 days
5 Complimentary Classes: 20 days
10 Complimentary Classes: 45 days
20 Complimentary Classes: 60 days

Do note that complimentary classes cannot be shared and strictly cannot be extended or transferred. 

The date of expiry reflected is the last day you will be able to attend classes with that package. 

Booking Classes

Login to our website with your account and book your preferred class from the schedule link. Book a Class

Or download our apple or android app to make your bookings:
Apple Store: Revolution download
Google Play: Revolution download

Classes are available for booking on a rolling 8 day schedule. The class schedule is released at 10.30am every day to allow priority booking as part of our member privileges!

Schedules are released daily between 12:00pm – 12:30pm. ClassPass members will not be able to choose their desired bikes and will be automatically allocated a bike via the ClassPass system. If you desire to change your bike, it will be subjected to availability and can only be done over the counter.

Safety Regulations

All riders will have to complete the mandatory safe entry screening and temperature taking before they step into our studios. Riders who are detected to have a fever on site will be rejected entry and will have their class credit refunded.

Studio Policies

In the event that you need to cancel your class, please cancel it by 9pm the night before regardless of your class timing on the following day to avoid any late cancellation charges.

All riders are recommended to arrive at least 15 minutes before the class commences.

It will be mandatory for first timers to arrive 15 minutes before the class commences as part of our safety protocols. In the case that a first time rider arrives later than the stipulated time, they may be subjected to a rejection of entry and have their class credit forfeited.

Riders both new and seasoned will be denied entry if they arrive later than the stipulated start time of the class. This is part of our safety protocols to minimise intermingling amongst individuals when the class commences.

Riders who are denied entry due to late coming will also be subjected to a forfeit of a class credit. In the case that your late arrival is due to extenuating circumstances, please write an email to contact@revolution.com.sg to seek an appeal for the refund of the class credit.

If you’re sick, called back to work, have to travel due to work obligations, placed on SHN or quarantine, got into an accident on the way to the studio, and you’re not able to cancel the class, do drop an email to contact@revolution.com.sg to appeal for a refund of the class credits.

Riders who are sick will have to provide a medical certificate or a doctor’s letter. Riders who are unable to attend classes due to work obligations will have to provide a proof of this request. Riders who are placed on SHN or quarantine will have to provide the necessary documents as well.